Our commitment to society

Navigio Academy in Cameroon

Almost ten years ago, Navigio initiated the construction of a Navigio Academy school in the village Bandja in Cameroon. Thanks to Navigio’s clients we have been able to give up to 500 students, mainly girls and young mothers, access to education and therefore the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families in the future.


The children are educated in sewing, hotel and restaurant operations as well as computer science. Lots of work has also been made educating the local administration in democracy and human rights together with Forum Syd and SIDA. The aim is to sustainably contribute to improved living conditions for girls, young mothers and other rural residents.


Our long term commitment Navigio has financed the building of a new school house, which has allowed an increased number of girls attending the school. During 2015 the school received the new name Navigio Academy. In addition we have provided the school with clean water. The water source now supplies the entire village. We continuously support the the school funding teacher salaries, as this is crucial to be able to run school operations.

Our commitment to society


Navigio strives for sustainability, not only in business but in society as a whole. We are super pround of our cooperation with Löparakademin, that works for equal health and social inclusion. With the vision ‘Where everyone can reach their full potential’, Löparakademin help teenagers in exposed areas in Sweden through running programs.


Navigio supports Löparakademin in building strong leadership, training and improving their leadership program for all their coaches. Löparakademin’s work goes hand in hand with Navigio’s vision – Full potential unleashed.

Our commitment to society


Navigo and Antler have seen a great opportunity to start a partnership and gain from Navigio’s experience in developing successful companies with the right people strategy and skills. The partnership program consists of workshops with focus on developing high-performing teams and building a great company culture. The workshops cover what human factors contribute to high-performing teams and what values become important in a team and when building a company in growth. The workshops have been very appreciated by the participants, as they have recently formed their company teams. And as any newly formed team – you need the right tools to go from a team to a high-performing team.


Navigio and Antler will continue their collaboration and we look forward to new insights valuable to the participants as they evolve their business idea and team collaboration.