Building greater focus on sales


Sales excellence program for a large Nordic Industry Group

Client situation

The client had insufficient sales performance. Lack of efficient structures, processes and tools combined with too many under-performing sales representatives. Ambitious targets were set by the management team to more than double the sales during the upcoming three years. Also, the aim was to introduce performance management to secure a long term “sales culture”.


Design & program leadership

We set up a program office and led the change program from start to finish together with client representatives. Throughout the program, we led several sub projects and facilitated workshops with key stakeholders in the Nordics to design and agree on structure, sales process, performance management framework, CRM-demands and a training program.



Implementation & change management

We used our assessment competence to secure the right team across the Nordics and we conducted some select executive searches to secure the best leadership and sales force for this important journey.


In close collaboration with our client, we successfully implemented the extensive change through training programs and supported the client throughout the change journey. To prepare the managers for their employee performance management discussions, we facilitated feedback training in all Nordic countries.


A strong human capital within the sales force

Benchmarked and best-in-class processes and tools

A clear and straightforward performance management framework

Extensive sales training and sales scorecard follow-ups to track results

“Sales Excellence, together we made it happen.”