Developing leaders for growth


Management development in an international software company

Client situation

Our client was an international software company with a large organization and staff in over 10 different countries. The CEO identified a need for a common leadership platform based on the company values, in order to be able to reach the three-year aggressive growth plan.


Design & program leadership

Together with client representatives, we led the change program from start to finish. Throughout the program, we led several sub projects and facilitated workshops with key stakeholders to design and agree on the structure and scope of the management development program.


Implementation in four countries

The management development program was successfully implemented in four countries. The program consisted of:

  • A management assessment phase to map the existing management behaviors and gaps compared to the identified key leadership success factors
  • A program with a combination of experience-based training, individual executive coaching and sandboxing development sessions
  • A critical mass of leaders including over 200 managers in three years


The program led to double-digit growth, increased efficiency and employee satisfaction.

“Insightful business analysis led to a relevant program design that matched our business objectives and I feel that the management program has been highly relevant for us and has contributed to reaching our business goals.”