Optimizing Finance operations for a major construction company


Establishing a clear direction and organizational set-up
to master transformations

Client situation

The newly appointed CFO needed to establish a clear direction and organizational set-up to master upcoming large transformation within the Finance area.


Design of critical capabilities

Based on external benchmarks and deep understanding of the client’s business we designed the CFO organization and roles & responsibilities of the Finance processes. Together with the CFO management team we formulated mission & objectives and the direction moving forward.

Implementation and change management

The new organization was implemented and communicated. We worked tight with the new management team to build trust and establish team rules for collaboration within the team. A transformation roadmap was also put in play through workshops and anchoring with key stakeholders. The transformation journey is ongoing.


CFO assignment formulation

Finance organization including role descriptions

CFO-team mission & objectives

Transformation roadmap

“We now have a clear direction and organizational set-up to be able to handle upcoming transformations”