From business models to happy homes

Closing the deal for one of the largest housing developers in Northern Europe

Client situation

With a clear strategic objective to grow and increase profitability, the client had identified the need to become significantly more customer-focused and sales-driven as well as improve overall financial performance.


Design & program lead

We supported the client from the start in this transformation, working with the leadership team to define, prioritize and plan the change program. After analysis and benchmarking, we helped the client define the guiding principles for the future operating model. We then supported the detailed design by providing expertise and facilitating workshops. Support was also provided to manage and steer the entire program on a daily basis.

Implementation & change management

We established a collaborative approach that actively involved leadership and local market resources to ensure local ownership of the solutions. Through active coaching and follow-ups, we helped ensure an acceptance for new ways of working and a true change in behavior.

The new updated operating model required some new skills and positions in the organization. With our in-depth understanding of the client situation and needs, we were able to deliver efficient search and selection processes to strengthen the team.



Implementation of all the changes defined in this program is still ongoing, but our client has increased sales substantially through better customer focus and improved processes.


Throughout the change journey, our client has strengthened its ability to work as one strong company. Prior to the program, the organization acted as autonomous country units.


Our client has also established a long term ability to work with change through a Business Development function working with an aggregate change stack.


Furthermore, some 10 executive searches have strengthened the leadership and long-term abilities of the organization.

Navigio has clearly contributed to our success and has added great value to the development of our organization.

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