Full potential unleashed

We believe in growth. Growth in people and organisations, and for the future. Growth thrives where there are ideas, development, and transformation. But sometimes growth needs a little spark.


We are that spark. Driven by our mission to develop people and organisations and make a real difference for the society, we have spent the last 20 years helping our clients set direction, secure the right team, and unlock their full potential.


With Navigio our clients get access to highly dedicated senior advisors with extensive experience from a wide range of industries.

By combining Navigio’s four core services, Strategy & Organisation, Executive Search, Leadership Services and  Performance Management, our clients embark on a transformational journey that will unleash their full potential.


We tailor all solutions according to each client’s specific needs and navigate the transformational journey from start to finish.


Transformation – one day or day one? You decide.

Our Services

Developing people and organisations

Together with our clients, we embark on a transformation journey where we set the direction from strategy to operating model, and secure the right team through management audits and executive search to unlock the potential in the organisation’s leaders and management teams.

Our Full Potential Journeys

Strategy & Organisation

Executive Search

Leadership Services

Performance Management

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About Navigio

"The one who guides"

We are a team of highly ambitious and team-oriented professionals. Our vision is to unleash full potential, in our employees and in our clients. Our mission is to develop people and organisations and together with our core values it guides us in everything we do. It also steers us in our commitment to society. Navigio means ”the one who guides”.

Our industries

We are with you from start to finish

We have one of the largest Nordic-based consultant teams, mastering a wide array of industry competence. Using our services, expertise, analytical data tools and collaboration processes we work closely together with our clients to reach their goals.

Business Services

Construction & Real Estate

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Why Navigio?

Our core values guide us in our everyday work. Acting client centric, being precise and passionate, offers a warm atmosphere and an entrepreneurial spirit that enable us to complete assignments with the highest quality.


Every year we serve our clients on a global level in over 20 markets. We are proud over our excellent customer feedback of 5.5 of 6.0 and above 70 in Net Promoter Score. 

“We believe that growth is achieved by creating a clear strategy, ensuring that the organisation can deliver according to the goals and that it is staffed with the right people.”

Client success stories

Turning words into action

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a defining principle that companies across industries must embrace. While some companies still talk more than they act, others recognise that to really succeed in the green transition, you need a comprehensive transformation of the entire organisation.


Undoubtedly, such shifts are no easy feat, and this is where Navigio’s Full Potential Journey comes into play.

We want to hear from you

Do you have a business inquiry, are you interested in the work we do at Navigio or do you just want to register your cv? We really want to hear from you!