Our Full Potential Journeys

Transforming people and organisations

At Navigio we help companies become more profitable, efficient and prosperous. We make sure that the companies we work with obtain the necessary tools and direction to develop their full potential.

This is achieved by creating a clear strategy together with our clients, ensuring that the organisation is structured to be able to deliver according to the existing goals and making sure that the organisation is staffed with the right people.

How do we do it

Integrating our services

We coach leaders and management teams to achieve sustainable, productive and healthy leadership behaviours – both individually and as teams. By integrating our four core services, your business obtains the conditions to realise its full potential. That is what we call the “Full Potential Journey”.

Set the direction

Secure the right team

Unlock the potential

Client success story

Turning words into action

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a defining principle that companies across industries must embrace. While some companies still talk more than they act, others recognise that to really succeed in the green transition, you need a comprehensive transformation of the entire organisation.


Undoubtedly, such shifts are no easy feat, and this is where Navigio’s Full Potential Journey comes into play.

Our Experts

Annica Johansson

Fredrik Hemviken

Malin Tessell

Mina Stjernberg

Måns Nordgren

Nicholay Therani

Stefan Isaksson

Peter Westford