About Navigio

Full potential unleashed

We are a team of highly ambitious and team-oriented professionals. Our vision is to unleash the full potential of clients, our employees, and ourselves.


Our mission is to develop people and organisations, and together with our core values it guides us in everything we do.

It also enables us to unleash the full potential in our portfolio companies owned by our investment company Navigio Capital, our Saas-company Navigio Analytics.


The success from the above gives us the chance us to give back to society through the impact investments made by Navigio Impact.


Navigio means ”the one who guides”.

About Navigio

Our values

Our core values guide us in our everyday work. Acting client centric, being precise and passionate, keeping a warm atmosphere and an entrepreneurial spirit enable us to complete assignments with the highest quality.


Together, we have defined successful behaviours linked to our values and we use them as a base for our individual performance development. We continuously strive to deliver an outstanding customer experience and to provide a great place to work for our people.

About Navigio

Our Ecosystem

The Navigio Eco-system consists of our four core consultancy services that in combination with one another unleash the full potential for our clients. Navigio Capital, Navigio Analytics and Navigio Impact.


Through our full potential journey concept, where we set the direction, secure the right leaders, and unlock potential in leaders and teams, we help companies grow to become more profitable, more efficient, and more insightful.


Grow by unleashing their full potential.

Our core services

Together with our clients we embark on a transformation journey where we set the direction from strategy to operating model,

secure the right team through management audits and executive search to unlock the potential in the organisation’s leaders and management teams.


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Navigio Capital

Navigio Capital is Navigio’s privately-owned investment company where we, to unleash full potential, offer Navigio’s core services to the companies we invest in.

Navigio Impact

Navigio Impact engages in long-term commitments to improving society both through our transparent business model and by supporting charity foundations.

Navigio Analytics

Navigio Analytics is our cutting-edge digital infrastructure that we use to package and deliver data from which you can draw conclusions or seek explanations from.