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At Navigio, we transcend conventional consulting, empowering our clients to reach their full potential. Our unique partnership approach ensures that solutions are not only understood but embraced, through co-creation and taking an active part throughout the entire change journey.


At Navigio we have vast experience guiding organisations across industries in setting their business direction and developing their organization to support their goals and objectives.

We help our clients identify and acquire the critical capabilities needed to reach their targets by refining the operating model and securing an organizational structure fit for the future. We firmly believe in creating tangible results for our clients whilst providing digital solutions, tools and processes aligned with the business direction.


What sets us apart is our commitment to true client involvement throughout the process, making a lasting impact and ensuring long-term success for our clients.

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Client impact story

Revitalising Retail through a Strategic Transformation Journey

A leading Nordic and Baltic retail giant sought our expertise when a newly appointed CEO recognised substantial hurdles within the organisation. The company grappled with an absence of clear strategic direction, severe financial setbacks, waning customer relevance, and internal cultural shifts. Over the years, the overall performance had spiralled downward, with a notable number of stores experiencing financial losses.


Against the backdrop of an impending public offering and owners wanting to take the company public, our challenge was to steer the company towards a transformational journey amid this intricate landscape.


This is a story of the power of strategic vision and unwavering commitment to success.

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