Industries we work in

We have one of the largest Nordic-based consultant teams, mastering a wide array of industry competence: Business Services, Construction & Real Estate, Consumer Products & Services, Financial Services, Industry & Renewables, and Tech.


Using our services, expertise, analytical data tools, and collaboration processes, we work closely together with our clients to reach their goals.


Business Services

For as long as Navigio has been around, we have been working with staff-intensive service companies with a B2B focus. Some sub-segments include facility management, technical services, and transportation, just to name a few.


We have successfully assisted national and international companies with identifying strategies, setting goals, and navigating them through their transformation journeys.


We tailor our solutions based on the client’s needs so whether you are looking for a driving force, a supportive partner, an external sounding board or a second opinion during the journey, we are here for you.


Construction & Real Estate

With extensive experience in the areas of construction and real estate, our engagement spans across the entire value chain, encompassing developers, contractors, and property owners, among others.


Through close collaboration with our clients, we have successfully navigated our clients through transformational journeys, supporting them in setting strategies, designing organisations and secure the right leaders and leadership.


With a solid methodology as our foundation, we customise our solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.


Consumer Products & Services

To seize the opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of consumer products and services, it is crucial to grasp its driving forces. Consequently, it is essential to ongoingly adjust and develop organisations, operations, leadership, and individuals.


At Navigio, we navigate this environment together with our clients in a broad span from PE-owned scale-ups to listed large-cap companies. Whether it is from a retail, e-commerce or opti-channel operation perspective, the common denominator is the aspiration to grow.


With a team consisting of senior advisers with extensive practical experience in the B2C industry we serve as a navigator in good as well as in challenging times.


Financial Services

We have a long history of working with financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions, investment firms, and insurance companies.


With a team consisting of senior advisors with extensive experience in the field, we will guide you through your transformational processes.


We are committed to supporting you in making the changes that will propel you toward your envisioned goal.


Industry & Renewables

In the forefront of a transformative industrial era, fuelled by the ascent of cutting-edge technologies and the profound green transition towards renewable standards, it is fundamental to strategically position the organisation and build it with capable leaders.


In this era of change, we firmly stand alongside our industry and renewable sector clients, offering our support in preparing them for an uncertain yet exciting future. We guide companies in identifying new capabilities and navigate them through every stage of their transformation journey.


Ultimately implementing an organisational structure that aligns with the strategic and business goals, ensuring lasting change and delivering business value.



At Navigio, we have extensive experience working with companies in the technology industry, from software developers and hardware manufacturers to IT service providers, telcos, and cybersecurity firms.


We help our clients navigate the fast-paced nature of the industry, which constantly demands innovation, and we support them with our expertise on their transformation journeys.


We possess vast experience in creating scalable organisations for long-term growth, identifying the right leaders and talent, and fostering leadership development over an extended period.

Charlotte Ivars

Business Services Lead

Mina Stjernberg

Construction & Real Estate Lead

Måns Nordgren

Consumer Products & Services Lead

Anders Richtnér

Financial Services Lead

Henrik Segersvärd

Industry Lead

Martin Reje

Tech Lead