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Unleashing your full potential

We believe that great success is reached when people are allowed to develop to their full potential. Therefore, we work hard to create the best conditions for ourselves in our working environment, motivating and helping ourselves to develop as individuals and become even more successful in our roles. Our ambition is a truly great place to work!

The history of Navigio

The beginning


The maiden voyage

Wilhelm the Conqueror navigated his ship, Navigio, towards the coast of England to win the Battle of Hastings. Navigio means "The one who provides guidance”.

The birth of a company

Navigio was born in the city of Örebro in Sweden. One experienced and highly rewarded consultant with one vision: a full-service HR consultancy.


Hello Stockholm!

Due to growth of the company, we opened our Stockholm office and from here we delivered international assignments to over 25 countries.

Building structural capital and expansion to Oslo

We grew by 45% and opened our Oslo office. We developed Navigio Academy and strengthened our structural capital through new processes. We invested in a healthier Navigio, lowering our median physiological age from 39 to 26 and received the award “this year’s healthiest CEO”.


A continuous path of growth

We delivered some 200 assignments internationally on our way to become a truly integrated Human Capital Management Consultancy. We grew to become 50 experts and were proud to call ourselves a Great Place to Work® in Sweden for the fourth consecutive year. Our Navigio Academy in Cameroon is thriving and continues to provide education for local children.

A truly great place to work

We achieved an outstanding 14th place on the list of Europe’s best workplaces issued by Great Place to Work®. To set the foundation for further growth, we appointed a new CEO and CFO/COO and restructured our board.


Leading the 4th industrial revolution

We are driven by our mission to develop people and organizations to unleash their full potential and have taken a position as a strong partner for our clients in the exciting 4th Industrial Revolution. We set strategic directions, build capable organizations and develop talented leaders to prepare them for the future.


Our team

We are highly ambitious, team-oriented professionals. Our team consists of some 70 experts within Executive Search, Leadership Services and Strategy & Organization. We successfully use our different competencies every day to deliver high-quality services to our clients. Witn precision and passion, we are driven by our mission to develop people and organizations to reach their full potential. With high work ethic, we never give up and always strive to become better at what we do. At the same time, we have a deep interest in the individual and are incredibly keen on ensuring that everyone feels good, thrives and develops. Together, we are a really strong team!

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision is to unleash full potential – in our employees as well as in our clients. Our mission, to develop people and organizations, steers us in achieving our vision and supports us in delivering excellence to all our clients. Our core values guide us in our everyday work: Acting client centric, being precise and passionate, keeping a warm atmosphere and an entrepreneurial spirit enable us to complete assignments with the highest quality. Together, we have defined successful behaviors linked to our values and we use them as a base for our individual performance development. We continuously strive to deliver an outstanding customer experience and to provide a great place to work for our people.

Navigio Academy

The people at Navigio are our greatest asset and we believe in each individual's ability to grow and develop to his or her full potential. Our goal is to develop ourselves to become the most professional experts in the industry and we therefore continuously train ourselves in Navigio Academy. We mix theory and practice, and most of our courses have a case-based approach to give ourselves practical methods and techniques which can be applied in our everyday work.

Our goal is to be the best consultancy within Integrated Human Capital Management. It's an ambitious goal that requires us to always deliver the highest quality. This can only be achieved when our employees are motivated and given the right conditions to perform at their best.

Career at Navigio

Appointed one of Sweden’s
best workplaces

As a challenging but highly rewarding workplace, Navigio continuously strives to develop its most important assets: our people. Requiring flexibility and the ability to handle complex and intellectually challenging projects, Navigio aims at creating an inclusive and growth-oriented environment. It is a fantastic place to work where we support our clients in developing their people and organizations to their full potential. We believe that by creating a great place to work we encourage our employees to perform to the best of their abilities.

We are continuously looking for individuals who want to be part of our team, helping our clients, developing our business and building Navigio as a great workplace. You have a strong academic and professional background and continuously strive to develop yourself and the people around you. You are ambitious, flexible and committed and have a strong interest in people. We are always on the look out for people like you so please get in touch!

Best workplace

Our Commitments to Society

Helping others to succeed

We engage in long-term commitments and our goal is to continuously contribute to society and to inspire all of our employees to join us on this important journey. We strongly believe in unleashing everyone’s full potential so both our clients and our employees can perform to the best of their abilities. We realize that continuous education and support is necessary in achieving this goal and we are aware that unfortunately not everyone has access to these fundamental needs.

During the years, we have helped, for example, Medecins Sans Frontieres in recruiting nurses for international assignments and supported the Red Cross organization in its mission to prevent and relieve suffering in the world.

Navigio Academy in Cameroon

More than seven years ago, Navigio initiated the construction of a Navigio Academy school in the village Bandja in Cameroon. Thanks to Navigio’s clients we have now been able to give up to 500 students, mainly girls and young mothers, access to education and therefore the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families in the future.

Local Efforts

It is of big importance for us to engage on a local level as well. Once a year we collect clothes at our Stockholm office to donate it to Stadsmission. We also started to support Löparakademin, an initiative aimed at balancing inequalities in the suburbs of Stockholm through running competitions and inspirational lectures. We support them in developing their leaders so they can help young people to tackle their everyday challenges.

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