Linda Milestad

Linda is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of extensive business and leadership experience in various management and consulting positions. Currently, she serves as a Partner at Navigio within the Strategy and Organisation domain, leveraging her expertise in strategy and organisation to drive positive transformations for her clients.


Linda has a keen understanding of industry dynamics and a knack for identifying opportunities for growth and improvement, with a specific focus on change management, corporate strategy, efficiency, and mergers and acquisitions.


In her prior position as the Vice President of Business Development at Etac, Linda played a pivotal role in shaping the organisation’s success. Before that, she served as a Senior Manager at Occam Associates, where she was the head of the Private Equity practice.


Linda holds a Master of Science in Management, Marketing, and Business Development from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Areas of Expertise

Business Performance

Business Strategy and Direction

Mergers & Aquisitions

Operational excellence

Organisational Design & Development