Driving business performance and profitable growth

Faced with the challenge of shifting culture and strengthening leadership abilities to realise ambitious strategic goals, the CEO of this Nordic FMCG company engaged us to co-create and co-deliver a solution that underpins long-term strategic success.


We designed a multi-pronged approach that seamlessly integrated developing and shaping a culture aligned with the strategy,

a high-performing executive team, and elevated leadership capabilities throughout the organisation.


This is the story of driving business performance and profitable growth, where shifting culture and leadership are key components.

Client challenge

The newly appointed CEO of a Nordic FMCG company recognised that, to succeed with their strategic ambitions, the company needed to transform the culture of and leadership within the organisation. 


Having been around for over 100 years, this well-established company had some performance issues and needed to develop a forward-leaning mindset to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced business context. 


This presented the challenge of changing not only behaviour but deep-rooted attitudes and ways of working while preserving and respecting the organisations proud origins and higher purpose. 

In close conversation with the CEO and HR Director, we identified the more specific need to develop and implement a performance culture. 


This involved strengthening the executive leadership team to perform better together and enhancing leadership skills and cooperation across all leaders in the company to achieve long-term sustainable business success. 

Our solution 


We tailored a multi-pronged approach to achieve lasting effects. This is what we did in close collaboration with our client:

  • Helped the company build a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s current and desired future state through a comprehensive insight phase.
  • Designed and implemented a culture journey that set and socialised the organisation’s purpose, values, behaviours, and strategic focus areas throughout the organisation.
  • Empowered the executive team to work better together and deliver on their goals through an executive team development journey.
  • Ensured leadership success through individual coaching of the executive team members.
  • Developed a culture navigator consisting of purpose, values, and strategic priorities, guiding all people processes and decision-making in the company.
  • A tailor-made leadership program in which critical capabilities, engagement, and alignment across all leaders in the organization was cultivated and practical leadership tools taken into practice. 

Achieved impact

We shifted the culture and leadership abilities to fit the new strategy. This has resulted in increased pride, clarity in strategic direction, stronger alignment, psychological safety, and engagement between leaders and employees. As well as improved business results. 

Now lead by a high-performing executive leadership team, the organisation is now equipped with a navigator and concrete tools that help guide decision-making in daily operations and is embedded in all people processes. 

What our client said


“There has been a big shift in the company in that we now talk about culture and leadership together with strategy. Previously, these areas were discussed separately from each other. It has been a positive leap to create this red thread throughout everything we do, from our purpose to our people and to the strategy we look to achieve together.