Managing a turnaround in a declining market

In the face of a declining market, turbulent economic landscape, and high strategic ambitions, a leading global construction and real estate specialist needed to make a turnaround. More specifically, the CEO recognised that, to reach their goals and regain market share,

the company needed to invest in creating an aligned, high-performing leadership team. 


This is the story of building a high performing executive team that, together with the organisation, turned the company around towards business success and a bright future. 

Client challenge

Our client is a globally leading construction and real estate specialist operating across 21 countries with over 26 000 employees. Their ambitious strategic targets included to increase the sustainability agenda, find new market segments, digitalise their offering and operations, improve employee engagement, and set clearer KPI-targets. 


The main challenge facing the CEO in this endeavour was the interpersonal relationships within the executive team following a period of high rotation. Pressure was mounting as previous investments into team development had failed to achieve the desired impact due to lack of connection to the business strategy. 


Under this premise, the CEO enlisted our expert help and invested in fostering stronger ownership,

business acumen, and efficiency, as well as create alignment, across the organisation.


During the year, a down-turning macro-economic environment and global pandemic challenged our client further. The scope we were addressing now included rapidly declining market shares, lower sales volumes, and decreasing profitability. This in combination with the company’s strategic ambitions called for a more profound organisational turnaround. 


Successfully landing this turnaround was at the top of the CEO’s and the newly appointed executive teams’ agenda – our presence was needed now more than ever. 

Our solution 


We designed an executive team development journey based on and in line with our client’s business strategy. In our solution we:  

  • Co-created a clear direction for the future and implemented strategies to ensure they stick to the plan. 
  • Identified critical success factors and a team mission, driving focus to what the team needs to succeed with to deliver on the strategy and manage the turnaround 
  • Improved the team members’ understanding of themselves and their fellow team members through our evidence-based Team Profile and Individual Profiles.  
  • Increased the leadership team’s ability to have powerful conversations, lead in alignment with strategic goals, and lead together in partnership. 
  • Sharpened competencies, structure, and ways of working enabling, among other things, strategic prioritisation 
  • Coached each of the executive leaders to allow them to unlock their full potential.  

Achieved impact

Our collaborative efforts yielded remarkable results. These results include future-proofed capabilities, a more engaged and healthy organisation, strong leadership collaboration, and a culture of learning. Importantly, we also achieved clear direction and alignment within the executive team of

where they need to go and how they should collaborate in order to achieve strategic ambitions. The team notes that they are now able to balance operational and strategic perspectives which has led to significant changes in performance.

What our client said


” What really wowed us all in this experience was how everything is, in fact, linked to the strategy and business results. Now that we are operating and feel as one leadership team, we are set up to deliver on our strategy and meet current and future challenges.