Revitalising Retail through a Strategic Transformation Journey

Client Challenge

A leading Nordic and Baltic retail giant sought our expertise when a newly appointed CEO recognised substantial hurdles within the organisation. The company grappled with an absence of clear strategic direction, severe financial setbacks, waning customer relevance, and internal cultural shifts.

Over the years, the overall performance had spiralled downward, with a notable number of stores experiencing financial losses. Against the backdrop of an impending public offering and owners wanting to take the company public, our challenge was to steer the company towards a transformational journey amid this intricate landscape.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we first developed a strategy with clear top-line and profitability goals. Simultaneously, a comprehensive assessment of the leadership team was conducted, leading to the recruitment of key executives, including CFO, CMO, and CIO externally, and internal recruitments for Sales Director and Category Director. 


To guide our client towards success, we formulated nine strategic initiatives encompassing the entire organisation’s approach to achieving their goals. Simultaneously, we identified seven critical capabilities our client needed to develop to secure continued growth. To anchor our solution, we designed an organisational structure aligned with the changes and fit for the future, whilst placing a strong emphasis on developing best practices and ways of working. By translating goals into tangible and concrete targets, we could ensure quantifiable outcomes, calculating the additional daily customer visits needed for each store to reach the set target – 21 new visits per day per store. 


Furthermore, we redefined the vision for each of the company’s three brands, previously lacking distinct identities. Operating within a franchise model, we accentuated close collaboration with franchisees to set clear expectations and support, aiming to equip franchisees with the tools necessary to improve brand visibility and customer engagement. 

Achieved Impact: 


New Leadership Team (5 – 10 recruitments)


Clear Goals and Direction


Enhanced Brand Positioning


Purpose-Designed Organisation


Concrete Support for Franchisees (Best practices, tools, and support for all stores throughout the entire operational process)