Turning words into action

Navigating the green transition


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a defining principle that companies across industries must embrace.

While some companies still talk more than they act, others recognise that to really succeed in the green transition, you need a comprehensive transformation of the entire organisation.

Undoubtedly, such shifts are no easy feat, and this is where Navigio’s Full Potential Journey comes into play.

The Nordic commitment to sustainability

The Nordics have a long-standing commitment to sustainable practices. Historically, Norway, Sweden and Finland have been leaders in harnessing renewable energy, such as hydropower and wind energy, providing a solid foundation for further advancements in the green sector.


Several trends are shaping the green transition in the Nordics, pushing all companies to take sustainability seriously. This means integrating sustainability principles into the very core of the value chain and business strategy.

The Full Potential Journey: A four step collaborative partnership


Navigio’s full potential journey is a partnership. When we partner with clients, our primary goal is to enable them to succeed on their transformational journey.

Whether it is about enhancing capabilities, expanding into new markets, boosting profitability, or increasing sales, Navigio provides a tailor-made plan and follows our clients all the way to the finish line – and beyond.

1. Charting the path forward

At the heart of any significant transformation lies a well-defined strategy. In outlining a strategic direction, Navigio will help assess existing capabilities, identify areas for growth and improvement, and predict the impact these changes will have on the organisation.


It is about defining your company’s vision and how you fit into the evolving market. When doing any type of shift, the first thing you need to consider is what capabilities and competencies that are crucial for your organisation to succeed.


Furthermore, your organisation needs to be aligned with your strategy. Implementing a structure that will close the gap between your current organisation and your goals is a critical step.

2. Forming the right team

A green transition will create a need for fresh talent. New structures to be built require new roles and competencies to be attracted and recruited. Traditional industrial companies may shift how they view themselves, for example to perceive themselves as a tech company rather than an industrial business.


Navigio plays a pivotal role in helping companies identify the new capabilities needed and thereby potential candidates. This involves not only finding external candidates but also assessing and identifying gaps and supply within the existing talent pool.

3. Developing sustainable Leadership

Having the right leaders is vital, but it’s equally essential to ensure they have the necessary skills and mindset to lead the organisation through a big change – in this instance, toward its green objectives. We will help you navigate the transformation by recruiting, developing and coaching efficient leadership teams.


Leadership services is about equipping leaders to drive the actual implementation of the strategy we started out with. The whole point is to empower them to understand their roles in the business and the journey ahead and helping them prioritise effectively.

4. Navigating organisational change

Once the strategy is set, the right leaders are in place, and the leaders are equipped, the focus shifts to making the change stick and setting the governance.


As we navigate this transformation together, Navigio ensures that your strategy becomes more than just a document, but rather a practical tool for daily operations, empowering leaders at all levels.


This is the Full Potential Journey: From Vision to Action, charting a course for sustainable success in today’s evolving business landscape.