About our Business Services

At Navigio, we are driven by our mission to develop people & organizations to unleash their full potential. We are proud to have one of the largest teams of Nordic-based consultants who excel in a wide range of industry competencies, including our Business Services.


Business Services at Navigio is defined as personnel-intensive service companies with a B2B focus. We have successfully assisted both national and international companies in identifying, planning, and navigating their transformation journeys. As our client, you gain access to senior consultants with extensive practical experience in Business Services and related sub-segments such as facility management and technical services, among others.


The role we assume is shaped by your needs and those of your organization. Whether it involves being a driving force, a supportive partner, serving as an external sounding board, or providing a second opinion on your transformational journey.



To read more about our services and the industries we work in: http://navigio.wpenginepowered.com/expertise/