Driving business performance and profitable growth

For modern businesses, achieving sustainable growth and performance depends on more than just strategy; it requires a profound evolution in organisational culture and leadership. This was the challenge facing the CEO of a prominent Nordic FMCG company. Having been established for over 100 years they needed to shift culture and strengthen leadership abilities to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced business context. 


Recognising the imperative for change, the CEO engaged in a strategic partnership to develop a solution that would not only align with the company’s ambitious goals but also honour its rich heritage. What ensued was a collaborative journey to revolutionise culture and leadership, laying the groundwork for long-term success. 


Client challenge: A legacy in transition 

The Nordic FMCG company held a rich legacy spanning a century but was facing modern challenges. Performance issues and a rapidly evolving market demanded a shift in mindset and approach. Effective change meant navigating deeply ingrained attitudes and behaviours while preserving the organisation’s core identity and values. 

In consultation with key stakeholders, including the CEO and HR Director, the focus crystallised on cultivating a performance culture. This encompassed not only revitalising the executive leadership team but also fostering leadership excellence across all levels of the company. 


Our solution: A holistic transformational journey 

The path to transformation was multifaceted and tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of the organisation: 

  1. Insightful Understanding: A comprehensive insight phase laid the foundation by illuminating the gap between the current state and the envisioned future. 
  2. Culture Transformation: A carefully crafted culture journey that set and socialised purpose, values, behaviours, and strategic focus areas throughout the organisation. 
  3. Executive Team Development: An intensive executive team development journey empowered leaders to collaborate effectively and drive tangible results. 
  4. Executive Coaching: Personalised coaching equipped executive team members with the skills and mindset necessary for leadership success. 
  5. Navigator for Success: The creation of a culture navigator provided a guiding compass for decision-making, ensuring alignment with strategic priorities. 
  6. Leadership Excellence Program: A tailor-made leadership program cultivated critical capabilities and alignment across all levels of leadership, bolstered by practical tools and techniques. 


Impact achieved: Empowering success, inspiring change 

The outcome of this transformative initiative where significant and extensive: 

  • Cultural Shift: The organisation witnessed a shift, marked by increased pride, clarity in strategic direction, stronger alignment, psychological safety, and engagement between leaders and employees.  
  • Business Performance: The effects of cultural and leadership transformation translated into tangible business outcomes, driving improved results. 
  • Sustainable Navigation: Equipped with a high-performing executive team and a robust cultural compass, the organisation now navigates its journey with confidence. 


Client testimony: A confirmation of transformation 

The CEO’s reflection captures the essence of the transformation: “There has been a big shift in the company in that we now talk about culture and leadership together with strategy. Previously, these areas were discussed separately from each other. It has been a positive leap to create this red thread throughout everything we do, from our purpose to our people and to the strategy we look to achieve together.” 


In conclusion, the journey of driving business performance and profitable growth goes beyond strategy alone; it demands a holistic approach to culture and leadership. By embarking on this transformative journey, the Nordic FMCG company has not only embraced change but also emerged stronger, more resilient, and primed for enduring success in an ever-evolving marketplace.