“I see a school that transforms lives and inspires change”


This week, Navigio had the pleasure of welcoming Derrick and Lillian Ssuna from the Nyimusa Foundation to our Stockholm office. Derrick, Co-founder and Director of the Nyimusa Foundation, shared his inspiring journey from a marginalised youth to a passionate advocate for children’s welfare in his home country of Uganda. 


Derrick recounted his special bond with co-founder Sofia Graflund, who first met a teenage Derrick in 2007 during a visit to Uganda. At that time, Derrick had to drop out of school due to financial constraints, putting his dream of becoming an engineer on hold. A friendship blossomed between them, leading Sofia and her family to sponsor Derrick’s education. In 2018, Derrick achieved his dream, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. 


In 2016, Sofia and Derrick founded the Nyimusa Foundation with a mission to lift orphans and marginalised children out of poverty. They provide education, healthcare, food from their own crops, clean water from newly constructed wells and housing. Nyimusa has not only transformed their community but also aims to inspire other NGOs in Uganda to adopt transparent and impactful practices. 


Beyond meeting basic needs, Nyimusa places great emphasis on the emotional and mental well-being of the children. Emily Adenlöf, a member of the Nyimusa team based in Sweden, highlighted what makes Nyimusa unique: 


“I have seen other NGOs operate more transactionally. Supporting a child’s education is important, but what truly makes a difference is showing that someone cares. Whether it’s playing football with them or having conversations to hold them accountable in their schoolwork, building these relationships helps children thrive.” 


Derrick shared his vision for the future of Nyimusa and its children: “I envision a school that brings hope to this community. I see a school that transforms lives and inspires change.” 


At the core of their foundation and fundraising efforts is the Aurora Project. This initiative aims to build a health clinic, library, school, administrative office, football field and two additional homes called “Mama” houses for younger children, as well as dormitories for older children. 


Thank you Nyimusa for visiting our office and letting us be part of your inspiring journey! 


To get to know more about the Nyimusa Foundation, please visit: www.nyimusafoundation.org