Navigio’s Impact Initiative: The Nyimusa Foundation

Navigio is honored to be a part of the Nyimusa Foundation in its mission to lift orphans and marginalized children out of poverty, contributing to a future Uganda where gender equality and independence stand as pillars of progress.  


The Nyimusa foundation was founded in 2016 with the aspiration to become Uganda’s most transparent and sustainable NGO, setting a benchmark for local and regional entities. At the heart of Nyimusa’s work lies the Aurora Project, designed to ensure every child has optimal opportunities for a happy and prosperous life.  


The Aurora project includes providing a safe place and top-tier education for 300 students, ranging from preschool to primary 7, through their primary school. The school is planned to adopt a blend of international and local curriculums, with dedicated teachers fostering curiosity, innovation, and athleticism through extracurricular activities. The ambition is to rank among the top 10% of schools in Uganda. For secondary education Nyimusa has partnered up with a few reputable secondary schools to ensure our children get the best chances to access higher education after graduation.  


The Aurora Project is also committed to vocational programs, offering practical skills like tailoring, hairdressing, catering, and construction to students unable to pursue higher academic studies. Internships and training partnerships with companies and organizations will enhance future work opportunities for these students. 


In addition, Nyimusa acknowledges the importance of a family environment and, under the Aurora Project, offers Family (Mama) Homes to create a nurturing space for the youngest children. Each home accommodates 8-10 children, and Nyimusa plans to construct two additional mama homes. Furthermore, Mary’s Garden, a vital component of Nyimusa’s sustainability efforts, focuses on eco-farming to supply food for the Aurora Operations.  


Beyond the Aurora Project, the Nyimusa team works every day to implement and execute programs tackling critical issues such as malnutrition, child labor, teenage pregnancies, sexual abuse, child marriage, infant mortality, and the spread of HIV. A cornerstone of this is connecting sponsors with children in need, often orphans or those whose parents struggle due to illness or poverty. Through community outreach programs and health clinics, Nyimusa addresses the crucial matter of healthcare accessibility in Uganda, particularly in rural areas. The ambition of the foundation’s health initiatives encompasses routine immunization, counseling, family planning, reproductive health, and a nutrition program.  


In conclusion, the Nyimusa Foundation showcases a commitment to transformative change, empowering the future of Uganda by addressing root issues and fostering sustainable growth. Together, they strive to create a brighter, healthier, and more equitable future for the children they serve. 


Thank you Nyimusa for letting us be a part of your journey! 


Learn more about Nyimusa Foundation and their impactful initiatives at and via social medias @nyimusafoundation