Revitalising a Nordic Retail Giant: A Strategic Transformation Journey

In the dynamic landscape of retail, even the most established players can find themselves facing significant challenges. Recently, a prominent Nordic and Baltic retail leader found itself at a crossroads when a newly appointed CEO identified substantial hurdles within the organisation. From a lack of clear strategic direction to financial setbacks and shifting customer preferences, the company was navigating troubled waters. 


Against the backdrop of an impending public offering and owners wanting to take the company public, our challenge was to steer the company towards a transformational journey amid this intricate landscape. This is where our expertise came into play. 


Our Approach: 


To confront the multifaceted challenges head-on, we devised a comprehensive strategy with clear objectives aimed at enhancing both top-line growth and profitability. A critical component of this strategy was the revitalisation of the leadership team. Through a meticulous assessment process, we identified key gaps and swiftly recruited top-tier talent, including executives for critical roles such as CFO, CMO, and CIO. Additionally, internal promotions were made to fill positions such as Sales Director and Category Director, ensuring a blend of fresh perspectives and institutional knowledge. 


The cornerstone of our intervention lay in the formulation of nine strategic initiatives spanning every facet of the organisation’s operations. These initiatives were complemented by the identification of seven critical capabilities crucial for sustained growth. By aligning these efforts with a redesigned organisational structure, we paved the way for a seamless transition and future readiness. Moreover, we implemented robust performance metrics, translating overarching goals into tangible targets. For instance, we calculated the precise increase in daily customer visits required for each store to meet its objectives, setting a target of 21 new visits per day per store. 


In parallel, we undertook a strategic redefinition of the vision for each of the company’s three brands, instilling them with distinct identities previously lacking. Leveraging a franchise model, we fostered close collaboration with franchisees, providing them with clear expectations, support, and tools to enhance brand visibility and customer engagement. 


The Impact: 


The transformation yielded tangible results across various fronts: 

  • New Leadership Team: A strategic overhaul saw the recruitment of 5-10 new executives, infusing fresh talent and expertise into the organisation.
  • Clear Goals and Direction: The establishment of transparent objectives provided a roadmap for the company’s future endeavours.
  • Enhanced Brand Positioning: Through a redefined brand vision, each brand gained a unique identity, bolstering its appeal to customers.
  • Purpose-Designed Organisation: The redesigned organisational structure laid the foundation for agility and adaptability, crucial in today’s fast-paced retail landscape.
  • Concrete Support for Franchisees: Franchisees received comprehensive support, including best practices, tools, and ongoing assistance, ensuring uniform excellence across all stores. 

In conclusion, the strategic transformation undertaken not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned the Nordic retail giant on a trajectory of sustained growth and relevance in an ever-evolving market landscape. As the retail industry continues to evolve, the importance of agility, innovation, and strategic foresight cannot be overstated, and our partnership exemplifies the power of proactive adaptation in driving success. 



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