We continue to support Navigio Academy in Cameroon

Our school Navigio Academy in Cameroon is up and running and we are proud to see that the school today has 137 girls enrolled in classes. The girls are educated in sewing, hotel and restaurant operations as well as computer science.
During 2017 we continue to support Navigio Academy and fund an additional teacher’s salary.
With this we wish you a very Merry Christmas & a prosperous New Year!
Navigio Academy in Cameroon
Navigio Academy 2017
In the beginning of 2017 we will visit Navigio Academy in Cameroon. We truly look forward to this and will come back with stories, photos and films from our trip during the year.
Navigio Academy 2016
During 2016 classes in computer science has started. Lots of work has also been made educating the local administration in democracy and human rights together with Forum Syd and SIDA. The aim is to sustainably contribute to improved living conditions for girls, young mothers and other rural residents.
Our long term commitment
Navigio has financed the building of a new school house, which has allowed an increased number of girls attending the school. During 2015 the school received the new name Navigio Academy. In addition we have provided the school with clean water. The water source now supplies the entire village.
Navigio’s overall goal is to support the school in Cameroon so that it can:

  • Teach the girls how to read, write, use a computer and increase their skills within agriculture, sewing and restaurant operations. This will give them an opportunity to provide themselves in the future.
  • Help them to help themselves and allow for personal development for the girls and their families.
  • Receive national status and thus in the future receive founding from Cameroon’s Government.