Our first visit to Navigio Academy in Cameroon

We have just come back from a fantastic trip! Our first visit to Navigio Academy in Cameroon, the school for vulnerable children that we have supported through the construction of a new school house and that we continue to support with funding of teacher salaries.
An important journey
All in all it was a shattering and very important journey. We were struck by the extremely poor country, and especially the region. Life expectancy is about 52 years, and infant mortality rate is about 30%. The other thing that struck us was how, compared to neighboring schools, extremely modern and nice the Navigio Academy is. The school today provides education for 146 students in the subjects of sewing, cooking, data and adminsitration as well as music and entertainment. In the future the school also plans to provide educatuion in healthcare and nursing.
The school has opened up for boys, but girls are still given priority to training sites. Unique to our school is that the girls who have given birth are allowed to go to school and bring their children in education. In other schools in Cameroon the girls who become pregnant are thrown out of education, which further complicates their chances of a decent life.
With support from our clients
During our visit we shared footballs and other sports equipment to the children, donated by our client Stadium. It was extremely popular with the children, that in most cases never in their lifetime get a gift of any kind.
We are extremly happy that we are done with the first phase to build and establish the Navigio Academy in Cameroon. Now the work continues in creating a long-term qualitative development where there is a clear need to ensure and develop the competence of the teachers. Please let us know if you want to join us in this mission.
A joyful visit
The first day of our visit coincided with the national holiday “Day of youth”. Navigio Academy had been appointed the school in the region where all children from neighboring schools were to be entertained by musicians and listen to thought-provoking speeches from the country’s Education Minister and the Governor of the region. Dancing and singing is part of everyday life in Cameroon. See us dancing in Cameroon…link below.
Navigio dancing in Cameroon